Starting as a young news reporter when few women worked on Fleet St, I give entertaining talks about life on the frontline of the Press Pack. I have amusing stories to tell about working for Robert Maxwell, Rupert Murdoch and alongside names like Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and Alastair Campbell.    
  My talks also cover the truth about working as a reporter – what it is really like to be the first on a family’s doorstep after a tragedy, the affect of sitting through days of a gruelling court case, chasing villains and celebrities, meeting the Royals and the realities of the press administering its own ‘rough justice’. Having left Fleet Street six months after the closure of The News of the World and at the start of the Leveson inquiry and working at the newsdesk of The Sunday Times just upstairs from the NOTW, I have interesting insights into the future of the press. I can adapt for my audience who have ranged from teenage schoolchildren to members of the WI.